BPC Services Group

Serving the oil and gas industry with experts that specialize in Facility Construction, Fabrication, Trenchless Pipeline, Pipeline Integrity, and Quality Control.


Our Facilities Division at BPC Services Group presently offer Construction Services that include both “Shop Fabrication” and “Field Facility Activities”.  Our Fabrication Shop is a new 8000 sq ft. facility that is a mere 12km west of Lloydminster and is located on a high clearance shipping corridor.  Our overhead cranes make it safe for our personnel to fabricate process equipment (pump skids, production and H2O injection skids, etc.), as well as process piping and structural for numerous facility requirements.  The 10 acres of yard space gives us plenty of room to, not only, stay organized with our material handling, but also allow us to dedicate specific areas to 3rd party disciplines like NDE and Building Erectors, so they can perform their duties safely and efficiently.

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