At BPC Services LTD we provide cost effective solutions for integrity management programs on regulated pipelines that will ensure regulatory compliance and public safety.

  • Work with company representatives to plan a strategy that will be cost effective and compliant.
  • Provide a proactive approach to integrity programs that will extend the lifespan of the pipeline.
  • Long term planning and follow up.

Facility Construction and Repairs

  • Provide quality facility construction and repair expertise to meet clients needs.

Work with pipeline owners to develop plans and procedures to execute the repairs and refurbishment of their facilities.

  • Plan and execute dig programs.
  • Pipeline repairs and refurbishment.
  • Provide inspection and repair documentation.

Pipeline Refurbishment

  • Cutouts and replacement of failed pipe.
  • Hydro testing.
  • Line lowering.
Devon pilot 133

External Indirect Pipeline Inspections

Perform indirect pipeline inspections that include:

  • GPS Centre line data
  • Depth of Cover and Elevation Profile.
  • Right of Way Condition.
  • ACVG Coating Survey.
  • Water Crossing Profile.
  • Gas Leak Detection.