Trenchless Pipeline

We have developed an environmentally responsible approach to pipeline installations in all areas. We will endeavour to limit the environmental impacts to all existing surface infrastructure. Whenever possible the pipeline that is being installed is using horizontal directional drilling technology. Providing this procedure in a cost effective manner is our goal.

WHY use our system?

  • We will install your entire pipeline with only a bell hole on the lease and tie-in point.
  • We will cut your upfront costs enough to make this a “cost-effective project” for your company.
  • We will limit surface acquisition, and land owner frustrations in your future.
  • Being an environmental leader will speak volumes about your corporate image.

Benefits of our system

Reduce your pipe length by direct routes

No ripping

No crop damage

No crossing costs

All season construction without winter premiums and minimal spring clean-up costs

No erosion potential

No seeding costs

No fencing costs

No timber salvage or brushing

No noxious weed worries

How can we make this process work for you?

How can it be cost effective?

Overall Drilling Program

EH&S, Drilling, Engineering 

  • Area
  • Past Issues
  • Time of Construction
  • Land Issues, Limitations

Choose “ Trenchless Pipeline System ”

  • Consultation
  • Choose reduced ROW widths
  • Choose YJ2 or better coating selection
  • Crop/Pasture damages only as a contingent
  • Engineering/Land
  • Acquire land with only a contingent for surface access
  • Choose direct routes
  • Shorten total pipe purchase and minimize ROW purchase with direct routing


  • Overall cost savings
  • No future surface residuals
  • Complete quality check on entire installed infrastructure using our proven system
  • Comprehensive technical specs for completed pipelines