Shop Construction:

  • Fabricate 3 complete process modules. All skid construction, piping , painting and building constructed in our yard ready to ship.
  • Fabricate 8 pipe modules with all pipe, primed, heat traced and insulated.
  • Construct vac off-load skid. Complete with pipe, painted, equipment installed and building.
  • All site pipe racks.

Site Work:

The mechanical installation of all the components that make up the facility.

  • Cut and capping all piles
  • Set and install
    • Tank farm modules 1, 2, 3 and tanks
    • H2O skid
    • Heat exchanger
    • Flare stack
    • Boiler skid
    • Cooler skid
    • MCC skid
    • Polymer Injection skid
    • Tricanters
    • 8 pipe modules
    • Pipe racks
    • Catwalks and stairs
  • All equipment setting included setting-up and rigging for the cranes (80-350 tonne)