At BPC Services Ltd, we work with company representatives to plan a strategy that will be both cost effective and compliant. We have a proactive approach to integrity programs that will extend the lifespan of the pipeline.
We ensure to do long term planning and follow up with each and everyone of our clients, assuring regulatory compliance and public safety.


Develop plans and procedures to execute the repairs and refurbishment of their facilities.

  • Provide quality facility construction and repair expertise to meet clients’ needs
  • Plan and execute dig programs
  • Cutouts and replacement of failed pipe
  • Hydro testing
  • Line lowering

Perform indirect pipeline inspections
that include:

  • GPS Centre line data
  • Depth of Cover and Elevation Profile
  • Right of Way Condition
  • ACVG Coating Survey
  • Water Crossing Profile
  • Gas Leak Detection

Environmental awareness and protection has constantly played a major role in the upkeep and maintenance of our ever aging production systems. Through regulatory guidelines and laws these systems must meet specific standards in order to not only protect the environment but your investment as well. BPC Services Ltd can assist your company in meeting these requirements through our Indirect Inspection surveys. Not only will you be able to keep your production uninterrupted but you will be able to pinpoint specific concerns early on and implement proper maintenance procedures before they become a major issue down the road.

External Line Inspection

With our state of the art equipment and quick turnaround we can provide any or all of the following information based on your maintenance needs and concerns:

  • GPS – GPS Centerline
  • DOC – Depth of Cover
  • ROW – Right of Way Condition, Inventory using standardized descriptions
  • ACCA – AC Coating Attenuation
  • User Comments
  • ACVG – AC Voltage Gradient
  • DCVG – DC Voltage Gradient
  • CIS – Close Interval Survey (Cathodic Protection)
  • Water Crossing Profile
  • Gas Leak Detection

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