Directional Drilling

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Horizontal Directionally Drilling (HDD) has proven itself over the last few years to be a very effective technique for the installation of pipelines and other utilities in sensitive or congested areas.

Horizontal directional drilling is a trenchless construction method utilizing equipment and techniques from horizontal oil well drilling technology and conventional road boring. HDD construction is used to install pipelines (steel, composite or plastic), fibre optic and electric cables, and water and waste water pipelines where conventional open trench construction is not feasible or will cause adverse disturbances to environmental features, land use or physical obstacles. HDD technology is used in many situations, including the following:

  • lake crossings;
  • wetland crossings;
  • canal and watercourse crossings;
  • valley crossings;
  • pipeline crossings
  • sensitive wildlife habitat; and
  • road and railway crossings.

HDD installation involves four main steps:

  1. pre-site planning;
  2. drilling a pilot hole;
  3. expanding the pilot hole by reaming; and
  4. pull-back of the fabricated pipe.

At BPC Services Group we work with our clients to ensure the job is done accurately and safely the first time while still putting a large emphasis on environmental protection and awareness. Our drilling manager and directional crews are well experienced in horizontal directional drilling and there isn’t a soil-type that we have not encountered.

For more information in regards to our directional drilling please contact our drilling manager Martin Campbell at: