Our successful Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) program is accomplished through pre-job hazard assessments, ongoing hazard controls and open discussions with 100% commitment from management.
The benefits of our strong safety culture at BPC Services Ltd has lead to sound operational practices, as well as efficient project implementation and execution within our Fabrication and Construction projects.

With every job there are risks. Many of these risks can be undertaken safely with the right training and work practices and procedures. Here at BPC Services, safety is at the forefront of all our business ventures. We take pride in saying we will return our workers home to their families safely by means of:

  • Promoting workers knowledge of the 3 “R”s Right to know, Right to participate and Right to refuses
  • Supplying our workers with proper training and knowledge to be competent in their tasks and never ask a worker to do a task they feel uncomfortable or inexperienced with.
  • Establishing and promoting a company culture that safety comes first above all else.
  • Open participation and discussion in safety/tailgate meetings.
  • Completion of hazard assessments per task with mentorship coaching on hazard recognition throughout the worksite.
  • Participation in site inspections.
  • Participation in Mock Drills testing the site ERP, Man Down Drills and Fire Drills.
  • Review of policies and procedures with encouraged input for future revisions.
  • Open timelines with the expectation that No job is so important that we must rush to make a deadline and compromise safety.
  • BPC Services takes it very seriously that our workers remain safe when completing any and all tasks. It isn’t just an individual culture but rather a company culture and one that we are proud to promote and participate in.

The driving force behind the Quality Control Management System at BPC Services Ltd is the importance of sound construction practices and professional work ethics within the oil and gas industry. BPC Services Ltd felt that in order to ensure the integrity of our work, it was necessary to establish protocol procedures.

We’ve created a formal system that is compliant for work under B31.1, B31.3, CSA Z662 and CWB Codes and Standards. Our welding procedures are approved to fabricate both Carbon Steel and Stainless piping in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Our Quality Control Manager is a Journeyman Steamfitter with over 25 years of experience in the Oil and Gas sector. Once a project is complete, all compiled documentation from the job is submitted to our Quality Control Manager for final assembly and approval before it is sent to our clients. Copies of all QA/QC Turnover Packages are stored electronically at BPC Services Ltd main offices in Lloydminster.

BPC Services LTD implements safety into all of our daily operations. We are devoted to providing a safe work environment to all of our clients and staff.

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