The Silver Lake Facility was built by BPC Services.  It started with the shop fabrication of all of the piping requirement for site. This included welding, NDE, hydro testing and painting of all components.  There was over 6000 weld inches of pipe fab.

The field installation of this piping was executed over several months.  All of the major process components were placed and the prefabbed piping was installed to tie them together along with the construction and installation of the structural for pipe racks and walkways.

Total man hours on this project were over 10,000 with no safety incidents.

Shop Construction:

  • Pre-fabricate piping packages
  • Pipe rack Structural

Site Work:

  • Cut & cap piles
  • Set and install
    • Tanks
    • Heat exchanger
    • Boiler skid
    • MCC skid
    • Polymer injection skid
    • Pipe racks and piping