BPC Services Ltd partnered up for our first and very successful trenchless pipeline installation. The line that was to be installed initially was a 3 inch steel line intended to capture annulus gas from a production pad which was at the time being vented to the atmosphere. The initial plans involved a 950 meter line which was to cross a secondary highway and involved 300 meters of brushing which would have been at our client’s expense.

During discussions the possibility of utilizing the BPC Trenchless System was discussed at length. The issues discussed were right of way access, control of burial depth, mud to surface contingency planning and cost controls. After several meetings, it was decided to use this method as a pilot project to determine the viability of this method of installation in comparison to conventional pipeline methods.

With the construction plans being changed to the trenchless method, our client was able to change the proposed right of way to eliminate the need for brushing and shorten the overall length of the line by approximately 100 meters.  The line product was also changed out to a composite pipe which enabled us to cut down on some of the temporary workspace required to complete the job.

Overall, the entire construction from start to finish of this project was deemed a great success. BPC Services was able to complete the job with minimal ground disturbance while still keeping costs, construction parameters and environmental concerns in check. Since this initial pilot project we have continued to grow our working relationship and have installed numerous trenchless pipelines since with new companies and land owners approaching us constantly for more information on how this method could work for and benefit them.